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About Us

Welcome to OpenPharma Project

OpenPharma is a platform created by a group of independent companies, which together formed a holistic proposal as a basis for unification and effective interaction between all participants of the pharmaceutical market. Our Team consists of experts, managers and specialists in IT and PHARMA, combining advanced solutions and industry experience. We are:● BigData and business analytics software company.A software company developing desktop solutions for pharmacies.● Operational integrator of OpenPharma services.● Company for IT-solutions and IT-infrastructure.A software company with products for business support (electronic document management, CRM, training platform, waybill, etc).

Our mission and objectives


OpenPharma's main focus is to enable pharmaceutical market participants to interact with each other effectively, quickly and completely, using advanced IT and integration solutions on a single PharmaPoint platform. We strive to meet the diverse requirements of our customers as efficiently as possible. Knowledge, development, effective organization, partner relationships and flexibility are the basis for successful cooperation of all companies in the group and the growing number of members joining OpenPharma.
We see our mission in joining and integrating pharmacies and pharmacy chains with medicine producers and distributors, insurance companies and medical institutions, medicine buyers into one platform. By using our informational technologies OpenPharma participants get unique and modern tools for analytics, management of internal processes and interaction processes between each other, which allows to bring the quality of service to an entirely new level of possibilities.

Projects and directions of OpenPharma

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    AptekaScarb is an online service for booking medicines at the nearest pharmacies for the best prices. The actual prices and availability of goods in pharmacies in online mode, providing full support to the buyer by our Call Centre pharmacists, as well as the notification system integrated in pharmacies makes using our service comfortable and convenient.

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    Exclusive promotion

    Providing and supporting the marketing activities of pharmaceutical producers in pharmacies and pharmacy retail chains.Automated reporting, compliance with deadlines and regulations of interaction with pharmacy chains.Analytical tools, training of pharmacists, control of the display and support of Promotions and Programs.

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    Skarb 365

    Skarb 365 is a software package for pharmacies and pharmacy chains that includes:● Skarb Pro - the accounting system (ERP) for pharmacies and pharmacy retail chains;● Skarb Cloud - the system for interaction with the National Health Service of Ukraine within the framework of electronic prescription drug supply programs plus a signature module for convenient work of pharmacists.

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    Platform for interaction between pharmacies and pharmacy producers. With the ability to configure and manage all modules of OpenPharma.
    Data exchange, analytics and all related tools for pharma market participants interaction.
    Integration module for easy connection of any accounting software to the platform.

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    DataMind - BI and CRM solutions that allow manufacturers to automate business processes, optimize customer service and increase the profitability of their business, relying on BigData.

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    The set of software products, which includes:● DOC.Smart-Era - electronic document management;● eLearn - online training system for pharmacists;● SmartSign - QDS (Qualified digital signature) signature management module and secure storage.

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    OpenPharma loyalty program

    OpenPharma loyalty program is a loyalty program for customers, based on unique solutions. For pharmacies and pharmacy producers it is a solution for automation of Promotions and Programs for customers, realization of own loyalty programs, possibilities of realization of promo-activity individually for each customer.

Our results

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    >100 pharmaceutical companies

  • 2

    >1500 pharmacies

  • 3

    >1 million satisfied customers

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